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We create opportunities for visual artists, athletes, and influencers at all career stages. We INVITE risk taking and experimentation, we ACTIVATE conversations around new ideas and ADVOCATE for the LGBTQA+ and Black Indigenous communities by co-creating CREATIVE best practices.

As a minority-women owned brand, Cu’ture Megatainment was always intended to co-create a common collection that aims to find the common connection among us. Our exclusive collection of products is a way for us to amplify and celebrate the talents from our LGBTQA+ and Black Indigenous communities while supporting equal rights and protections for ALL. Through the sale of one-of-a-kind artist collection of candles and original artworks 10% of proceeds will fund initiatives supporting identified communities.


Tahitian Kyss

Harbour for Humanity: HOUSING is a HUMAN RIGHT

Learn more about Harbour for Humanity Here
Haynes Harbour, Inc.

Harbour for Humanity is raising funds to provide long-term housing solutions for victims/survivors of human trafficking. These funds will be used to buy and restore a multi-family property in an area of Florida that’s accessible to equal employment opportunities and affordable health care. This will be their pilot housing campus & it will house up to 6 individuals at a time.

We are Raising Funds for Harbour for Humanity, a community land trust creating long-term housing solutions for victims/survivors of human trafficking in Florida.

90% of Proceeds from the Common Collection will go to Harbour for Humanity