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80/20 Subscription

Download Terms: 80/20 Subscription

Regarding Users who subscribe to Company’s 80/20 subscription service (“80/20 Users”), in consideration for the services in connection with the distribution of User Content, Company shall be entitled to retain twenty percent (20%) of all gross royalties, payments or other earnings received by or on your behalf by Company in connection with the digital exposure of the User Content (“Distribution Fee”). For the purpose of this agreement, “digital exposure” for 80/20 Users shall initially mean the exploitation of the User content solely on the following any digital service providers, such as Apple, Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube (specific digital service providers are subject to change in Company’s sole discretion). For the purpose of clarity, if Company exploited User content of 80/20 Users on additional digital service providers other than Apple, Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube prior to July 9, 2020, such User content will remain on those digital service providers.
For the avoidance of any doubt, there shall be no Distribution Fee applicable unless User elects to distribute music and/or comedy content utilizing the distribution component of the Website. 80/20 Users may submit a maximum of one (1) musical and/or comedic release per calendar month (i.e. a one-time public release of an unlimited amount of Masters) (“80/20 User Maximum”).
If Company exploits the User Content in any way that generates revenue, 80/20 Users shall be entitled to retain one-hundred percent (100%) of all royalties, payments and other earnings actually received by or on your behalf by Company in connection with the User Content, less only the Distribution Fee, any tax, master use or synchronization license fees (“Sync Fees”), other fees or other third-party charge related solely to the exploitation of the User Content (collectively “Royalties”).
As of July 9, 2020, unless otherwise determined by Company in its sole discretion, 80/20 Users shall not have the right to submit their “Masters” to Third Party Opportunities (i.e. “exclusive” Company opportunities) provided that Company shall apply the Distribution Fee with respect to Submitted Content (as defined below) to any 80/20 User who submitted music to Third Party Opportunities prior to July 9, 2020.